My Gut Says Logic is Overrated

I was recently given the opportunity to work on a farm for the summer, and I was stoked. I couldn’t wait to work outside in the beautiful Oregon sunshine, get my hands back in the earth. I was tired of working as a waitress, hating that I was spending so much time doing a job I didn’t like for the money. Sure, the farming job wouldn’t pay much, but at least I’d be doing something I was passionate about.

Later, I found myself on my laptop, staring at my student debt. Suddenly the idea of working on a farm for little pay seemed absurd. What I should do is pick up more hours at the restaurant or get a second job. I didn’t have time for fun, not yet. I had school debt, car payments, rent to pay. Focusing on making money seemed the more logical thing to do. Continue reading

The Tale of Our New Apartment

Since we knew we wouldn’t be in Portland forever, and we had little money to spend, Taylor and I worked hard to furnish our apartment for cheap. We constantly searched Craigslist for free or cheap furniture and made multiple scattered pick ups. We drove into Washington for a free futon and all over Portland suburbs for kitchen stools, a closet rack, mini fridge, and more. I think the biggest splurge we made was on sheets, which were $20 from eBay.

Including furniture, appliances, and all kitchen supplies down to salt and pepper shakers, the total amount we spent to furnish the apartment was less than $200. If you only count furniture and appliances (dresser, closet rack, futon, table, stools, mini fridge, microwave) we spent $110. Not bad.

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Become an Urban Biker: Get the Gear

Not having a car in Portland is awful.


That was sarcasm. It’s easy and frankly, the better option. There are bike lanes every where, and driving is a bummer. There’s so much traffic in the city, who needs it? Portland gives bikers everything we need. Every time I approach a new, big intersection on my bike, I think, Oh no, will it go on? Then I look across the road and see the painted bike lane symbol with plenty of space, and even a traffic light to tell me when it’s my turn. It’s the city’s way of saying, Yes, right this way, you are welcome here. Thanks, Portland! The city’s bike friendly attitude is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I ride respected. Continue reading

Why go Wwoofing? (And What to Look Out For)

IMG_1141[1]Wwoofing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is something I’ve always wanted to do. and I can finally check it off my list! It was, overall, a fantastic experience that I would do again if I ever wanted to travel cheaply and volunteer at the same time. I became a Wwoofer through Wwoof USA but there is also Wwoof International and, for some reason Hawaii is special with their own Wwoof Hawaii. I started Wwoofing in North Carolina unsure of how long I’d tour, whether I’d travel to other states or not. Turned out, I loved North Carolina farms so much that I stayed for the whole two months! Below is a list of reasons why Wwoofing is a great experience, followed by things to expect/be aware of.
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My New Favorite Garden Plants!


Wwoofing in North Carolina was my first substantial introduction to farming and gardening. Now that it has come to an end, I’d like to honor some of my favorite plants and herbs I learned about and ate on a regular basis at Blue Heron Farm. The best thing about these plants is they can withstand the cold winters and they love to grow easily in abundance! Read about these beautiful foods, their nutrition benefits, and how to use ’em!
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