My Gut Says Logic is Overrated

I was recently given the opportunity to work on a farm for the summer, and I was stoked. I couldn’t wait to work outside in the beautiful Oregon sunshine, get my hands back in the earth. I was tired of working as a waitress, hating that I was spending so much time doing a job I didn’t like for the money. Sure, the farming job wouldn’t pay much, but at least I’d be doing something I was passionate about.

Later, I found myself on my laptop, staring at my student debt. Suddenly the idea of working on a farm for little pay seemed absurd. What I should do is pick up more hours at the restaurant or get a second job. I didn’t have time for fun, not yet. I had school debt, car payments, rent to pay. Focusing on making money seemed the more logical thing to do. Continue reading

Overcoming The Blogging Plagues

There are plagues in blogging. The plagues of meaningless jargon, exaggeration, cliches, and lazy writing. It’s contaminated the blogging world so deeply that we don’t even notice it anymore. If anything, we are convinced it’s the proper way to blog. In a world obsessed with numbers, the most viewed articles are often the ones in list form, easy to skim, with pictures that distract from the lazy writing. The entire point of the article is in the title or subtitle, followed by nothing but fluff. Ill thought out and unsupported opinion articles are offensive, choking journalistic integrity. After reading these articles I have changed in no way, learned nothing, and if anything I feel momentarily dejected and angry at the pervasive shallowness in the blogging world. It’s easy to write these articles, which means it’s easier for more people to blog – people who don’t care about writing as a craft, but who know how to formulate a blog post to get views.
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A Letter From a Girl Who Used to Shave

Dear Smooth, Hairless Past-Self,

beachYou shave almost every day. You live in a culture where most women do. You spend money on razors and shaving cream, and you would never go out in a skirt without smooth legs. You and hairy armpits do not mix, and a hairy body is a situation you wouldn’t want a boy to see, let alone yourself.

Greetings, this is your future self, and I am writing to say that a certain number of years from now, your idea of body hair will transform. You will become a hairy woman. Continue reading