austriaMy name is Jenna. Welcome to my blog!

I am a minimalist.

I am an environmentalist.

I am a nomad.

When I was sixteen I volunteered with the Student Conservation Association and spent a month in Inyo National Forest, California maintaining trails in the Sierra Nevadas. I had grown up in Rhode Island and had never been to the west coast. I had never even been camping before. Safe to say I fell in love with the outdoors, the mountains, the trails, hiking, camping, and conservation.

Since then I never looked back. I spent summers in college working for various conservation corps and mountain clubs. Following college I  worked on trails in the Adirondacks, volunteered on farms in North Carolina, and lived for two years in Oregon, exploring the beauty of the pacific northwest. Currently I work at a sporting lodge for Appalachian Mountain Club in the Moosehead Lake region of Maine.

So far most of my travels have been in the USA. I love our country’s national parks and forests, but I hope to do more traveling abroad in the future. There is so much of this world to see.

I guess I have the travel bug – it seems I can never stay in one place for long – but really I’m just a woman who wants to make the most of life. I don’t want to conform to any preordained path, any boring, typical routine if it doesn’t breed happiness. I base my life choices on what will make the most valuable experience, the wildest ride, the happiest memories. At the same time I strive to live close to the earth, to treat her as an equal and leave as little footprint as possible.

I hope to inspire people to let go of materialistic, consumerist ideals for the sake of a simpler, happier life. I believe it is okay to be bold and different, and to not only take the road less traveled, but conquer it.

“Life is but a canvas to our imagination”

~Henry David Thoreau

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