Colorado Part Two and New Mexico

Cross Country Skiing and Winter Hiking in Vail, Colorado!

Waking up in a frozen desert in New Mexico

We made a long drive from Salida, CO to Carlsbad, NM.  We wanted to camp for free, which can be difficult to find in unknown territory, with the sun setting and spotty cell service. I used to help me find a place. So far, this website has been helpful finding BLM/National Forest land that is easily accessible. We used the website again to find a place to camp for free in Radium Springs, NM, near Leasburg Dam State Park.


The best part of the American Southwest is that you can see forever, breathe easier


Carlsbad Caverns National Park!

The best thing about visiting National Parks in January is that no one is there! Taylor and I explored the underground caves almost completely alone. The experience was more special and might I say, creepy! At times, the only thing we could hear was dripping water and our own footsteps. The Carlsbad Caverns is the biggest known underground cave area in the western hemisphere. The caves travel 800 feet below the earth, where temperature and life are at a stand still.  Most living species can’t survive in the caverns, with the exception of cave crickets and other small insects. Without artificial light, the caves would be in complete darkness.


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