Colorado Part 1



Colorado is a bikers utopia. Taylor and I road bikes from Glendale to Downtown, a 5.5 mile ride, via Cherry Creek Trail.  Cherry Creek Trail is a 24 mile separated bike path that weaves along Cherry Creek, popping out at street level only to dip back into nature again. Urban biking never felt so good when in Denver. We’ve been thankful for the nice weather, highs around fifty degrees call for light jackets and sunglasses. I forgot how much the sun shines in Colorado.

The Red Rocks in Morrison


Ever heard of them? The Red Rocks is a natural amphitheater located in the mountains ten miles west of Denver. It’s the only naturally occurring amphitheater in the world. The first concert was held in 1910 and since then, almost every major artist has performed there at least once. In the hall of fame, a small museum inside one of the rocks, has posters of major artists that performed there, including the Grateful Dead who did so a dozen times. Taylor couldn’t believe that the Beatles performed there in 1968 and didn’t sell out.


The amphitheater consists of two three-hundred foot sandstone monoliths; within these walls are fragments of fossils, dinosaur tracks, sea-serpent and flying reptile fragments that tell a geological story of the past 250 million years. It’s a hot spot for geologists and students.

They say The Red Rocks is one of the best places to see the stars – the moon rises up and over the stage.

Since there are no concerts in the winter, Taylor and I enjoyed wandering the trails around the amphitheater. I hope to see a concert there one day.


The first day, Taylor and I window shopped through the famous Pearl Street mall. In the evening, we hit up Upslope Brewery where Miles Wide, an acoustic rock trio from Rochester, NY, was playing. The beer was DELICIOUS – it was sad we could only buy one drink due to budget.

The next day, we hiked the Flatiron mountain trails. Their name comes from the way the flat, angular sections of rocks jut into the sky. We found a ten mile hike of easy, rolling tread, but the patches of snow and ice made it a little more difficult! Hiking in the winter has never been so much fun.





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