And So the Fun Begins…

And so the fun begins…as does the real work.  Check out the photos from the last couple weeks.  From Work Skills Training Week to our first hitch where we repaired fire towers on summits, built bog bridges, snow mobile bridges, and rock retaining walls, and pulled invasive species.


Fire Tower work. This crew carried well over 1,000 pounds worth of gear, tools, food, and water up Mount Hadley to work on a fire tower. Badassery.


Halley and Leah on a fire tower


suspended five stories up? Yeah that can trigger some adrenaline.


We climb trees to set up high-lines and move heavy stuff in the air.


Me sitting on a 35 foot telephone pole used to build a snow mobile bridge. We pulled them up the trail using the grip hoist and our own strength. Two down, four to go.


The rigging crew finally done with a hard days work. Emily told us to look “grotesque.”


Snow Mobile Bridge cont. Nailing on some of the final touches. Much more snow mobile bridge making to do in the future! Which is awesome cause it’s a ton of fun.


Had to include some rock work…four crew members with rock bars moving a big boy. We quarried 15 rocks from the mountain and brought them down to the eroded trail where we instilled a retaining wall. The finished product was a much better trail section that will last for years to come.


Me sitting in the hole that Jordan and I dug. The picture does no justice to it’s size and depth! We dug for mineral soil, put it in the bucket, and hauled it down to the new trail where it helped raise the tread and pack down the trail for stability..

**side bar: I know in all these photos I’m either standing and making a funny face or sitting in a hole, but I promise I was doing work like everyone else.

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